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Why Asking Your Spirit Guides to Find A Great Pair of Shoes is Not Frivolous

Tweet (Unfortunately I do not own these shoes…) I have heard the opinion that asking your guides, and using your intuition, for anything other than “serious” what-is-my-soul-purpose kinds of requests is not okay. Personally, I use my guides and my … Continue reading

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Commitment is Cool – Babysteps Part 2

Tweet In my last post I wrote about how I was finally able to start doing my intuitive work in my office.  To feel worthy about starting my intuitive work in my office, I had to acknowledge my discomfort about … Continue reading

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Undermine Perfectionism, Just Start – Babysteps, Part 1

Tweet The desk is tilting horribly, as it is missing pieces.  There are still toys clustered in the corner.  There are still empty boxes stacked to the side of the desk.  The white candle I’m burning is scraped and burns … Continue reading

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It’s All About the Money…. and Guided Image Readings

Tweet Sometimes doing intuitive readings is just so FUN…. I am always amused and delighted about all the ways the Universe throws out clues in such hilarious ways. I recently did a short reading with a client, and this is … Continue reading

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Take Care of Yourself During the Holidays + Intuitive Stocking Stuffers!

Tweet Hello dear readers, The holidays are upon us.  In North America this means lots of holiday gatherings and parties, and also lots of shopping for gifts.  For many people, gift shopping probably means more time spent rubbing shoulders with lots of strangers … Continue reading

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Getting the Best From Your Intuition – Setting Intentions

Tweet Getting the best information via your intuition means setting intentions.  Intention is everything in the spiritual realm. Therefore, it is important to set your intentions every day.  Intention setting first thing in the morning sets your course for clearer … Continue reading

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Spirit Guides – You Say Spirit Guide, I Say Power Animal

Tweet **On Edit: Here’s an update my thoughts on this subject.  I apologize if I caused any confusion with my initial post, I have edited it a little.   When I re-read this post after posting, I felt that I may … Continue reading

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Gone Fishin’

Tweet   Dear Conduit of Joy readers, After spending week after week thinking “Hey, I might have time to write a blog post this week”, I was finally forced to admit that I would not in fact have time to … Continue reading

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Empaths R Us – Dr. Judith Orloff

Tweet       Welcome again to the “Empaths R Us” interview series of empaths. Today and I am honoured to be posting an interview with well-known psychiatrist Dr. Judith Orloff. (I’m even more honoured as I know she was … Continue reading

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Empaths R Us – Nicole Chayka

Tweet Hello again! Life has been very busy, but I guess that is as it supposed to be – in alignment with spring and the energy of beginnings – both of which are here. I am happy to back on … Continue reading

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