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Eight Best Practices of “Intuitive Hygiene” – GROUNDING

Tweet Welcome to the next post in my series called Eight Best Practices of Good “Intuitive Hygiene”. Today’s best practice and the second of the eight, is GROUNDING. If you recall, we are building the foundational steps for good intuitive … Continue reading

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Visioning Your 2015 – Vision Board Creation

Tweet Last night I was preparing images for an “end of the year” ritual that enriches each year. Every year I use a vision board as a visual reminder of those larger goals that I want in my life. Even … Continue reading

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Simple Mantras for Better Living – Something Wonderful Is Going to Happen Today!!

Tweet I’ve started using simple mantras as a way to focus my daily intentions.  A mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of creating spiritual transformation, into manifestation.  The Sanskrit word mantra consists … Continue reading

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It’s All About the Money…. and Guided Image Readings

Tweet Sometimes doing intuitive readings is just so FUN…. I am always amused and delighted about all the ways the Universe throws out clues in such hilarious ways. I recently did a short reading with a client, and this is … Continue reading

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Take Care of Yourself During the Holidays + Intuitive Stocking Stuffers!

Tweet Hello dear readers, The holidays are upon us.  In North America this means lots of holiday gatherings and parties, and also lots of shopping for gifts.  For many people, gift shopping probably means more time spent rubbing shoulders with lots of strangers … Continue reading

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Soul Sisters Podcast – Answering Your Questions

Tweet Lisa (from Practically Intuitive) and I just completed our latest Soul Sisters podcast and did something a little different. We asked for questions from those on our email lists and answered them on the podcast.  We’ll probably being doing more podcasts … Continue reading

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Answers from the Universe

Tweet In the spirit of adventure and continuing to develop my skills, I am starting a feature called “Answers from the Universe”.  This is how it works. Ask me a question in the comment boxes below about anything. Share whatever details … Continue reading

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We Can Do It

Tweet Have you always…. …wanted to express your soul gifts? …do something that makes a difference in the world? …share your talents with the world? If you have, give yourself a gift this New Year. Commit to one these heart’s desires right … Continue reading

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Journey: Find a Phoenix or Firebird, Listen to Wren

Tweet Below is shamanic journey that I did at the request of G.  He asked me to find answers to his question “What does G need to know to take his creative project forward?” I went to the lake in … Continue reading

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What is the "Funnest Part"? Finding the Heart of What You Love

Tweet The best piece of advice I ever got from my coach, was when I was deciding what I might do next, as work I found meaningful and fulfilling.  I mentioned that I enjoyed doing journeys for other people.  Then … Continue reading

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