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Reassess the Present – Mercury Retrograde

Tweet Reassess the Present – Mercury Retrograde I was considering Eckhart Tolle’s ideas on beginning to find one’s life’s purpose.  He says that by fully inhabiting each moment, you access the Divine. By being in touch with the Divine in … Continue reading

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Showgirls and Scorpions

Tweet Showgirls and Scorpions Showgirls encouraging you to have fun?  Scorpions as advisors on unpredictable defense mechanisms?  How about Swan showing you how to calmly glide through the unpredictability in your life?  Read about them all here in  Zola’s journey … Continue reading

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As Within, So Without

Tweet “…As within, so without…” attributed to Hermes Trismegistus As Within, So Without I have been dealing with lots of transition.  So many new changes in my life were leaving me uncentred, and totally overwhelmed.  I couldn’t understand how I … Continue reading

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