Praise for Readings


Here is feedback from my clients who have had mediumship readings:

 “Kara did a gallery reading at my home, for myself and some friends recently and it was a great experience for all of us.

While we were all a little nervous at first (no one really knew what to expect!), Kara quickly put us at ease by explaining the process and addressing the fact that all of us came to the reading with our own belief systems and expectations.

For me, the reading was very comforting. The person that reached out to me was my great-grandmother, not a woman I knew well as I was a child when she passed. But the reading with Kara helped me realize, in ways I did not recognize before, that her life mirrored mine in so many ways. She was also a single mom, raising my grandfather and his siblings with little support and she did the things she had to do to get by. In her case, she ran a boarding house. She was able to be a working mom and still have a fantastic family.

My great-grandmother’s son – my grandpa – was one of the most amazing men I knew.  Getting in touch with my great-grandmother made me feel that I too can have my own business and still be a great mom to my kids. Her message, that one day my son, who is named for my grandpa, will be as amazing as Grandpa was, came at a great time when I needed that reassurance that I’m doing right by my kids. This message has stuck with me since then and has given me a newfound strength.”

-          CL, Edmonton, Alberta

Here is feedback from my clients who have had in-depth readings:

“Kara, my in-depth journey reading was so nice to read, I actually had tears in my eyes as I read about my power animal’s protection for me, and that I can call on it when I am in self-doubt.  Feels so supportive.

- F. Crandall, Alberta, Canada


“Kara, this was SOOOO cool and really fascinating!  I have read it about 4 times already and know there’s a lot to take in on many different levels.  I’m going to read it again and take some notes of what comes up for our conversation.  I had an astrological reading done a little while back that corroborated what you’ve said about that red path.  Very very cool.

Thank you again and I look forward to talking with you.”

- Lisa, United States


“Your journey for me was my first psychic reading. I wasn’t skeptical; I just hadn’t ever taken the time to gather insight into my spiritual side. With some major life changes going on, I was intrigued and the timing was right.

I was absolutely thrilled with the journey you did for me. I found it to be insightful and thought provoking. But more importantly, it was comforting. In it, you reaffirmed that some decisions I’d made lately were the right ones for me, and that the ultimate outcome would be more happiness. I refer often to your documentation of my journey and I’m undertaking some research about my spirit animal and as a result, feel much more in control of an unpleasant time in my life. I look forward to continuing this passage with you!”

-Cheryl, Canada


“Kara, your journeys are fun. They’re like a fairy tale created just for me, with characters and metaphors and hidden meanings to discover over time. I’ve always loved fairy tails. Maybe people in need of fun find you because there is fun in what you do for them. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

-Shirley, United States


Here are some comments from my clients who have had past-life readings:

A friend of mine had a reading with Kara and was very impressed by what she had heard – after hearing her story I knew that I wanted to have this experience.

I had one very specific reason why I wanted a reading.  My ex-husband and I had a very volatile relationship – although I have moved on and since married a wonderful man – there was always the looming questing of “how was it that the man that I had fallen in love with – had children with then became a man that I literally despised?”  Did we have a volatile past, what was I suppose to learn from this relationship past and present?

I had a very interesting reading from Kara – as it turned out – my ex husband and I did have a past relationship back in the 1600’s.  He worshipped me back then as he did in present day – but he had a very dark, controlling side to him.  I rejected him back in the past and without going into great detail – it didn’t work out well for me in the end.

Through the reading her description of him back in 1638 was dead bang on as to the character traits that he has in present day.  There were some very emotional moments and extreme “lightbulb” moments throughout the reading.  This reading has helped me to understand the man that I fell in love with and to realize that the outcome was inevitable.  “Our” issues really were not ours but HIS.  To say that I have “forgiven” him would sound melodramatic – what has happened is a sense of understanding, inner peace and above all else a huge weight lifted.

Thank you Kara!

-PMM, Canada





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