Things to Ask from a Regenerative Medicine Center

If you have chronic pain and want to get rid of it permanently, you should consider regenerative medicine treatment. It is proven that regenerative medicine work in cases where traditional medicine is not working. It is a new way of treatment. Most people are not aware of the details. We have compiled a list of things to ask from the regenerative medicine center. You can get most of the information by asking things about these aspects.


It is better to ask about the appointment availability. You may spend a lot of time discussing all the details about the therapy. If you ask about the appointment, they may tell you to come after one month. You should only wait for this much time if there is no other option available. You should also ask about the type of treatment available. You may need stem cell therapy for degenerative disease. It is crucial to ask if the specific treatment is available at this center. If you discuss other things before asking about availability, you may lose a lot of precious time.

Insurance coverage

It is a new type of medical treatment so most private insurance companies will not cover regenerative medicine treatment. Your insurance company may cover the treatment in some cases as most companies are covering cancer treatment using stem cell therapy. Some treatments are still under investigation. Knee joint repair using regenerative medicine is under investigation. Your insurance company will not cover the expense of these treatments. The regenerative medicine LA centers should know about the details of the insurance coverage. You can ask them so you can plan for the payment.

Types of procedures

There are many types of regenerative medicine procedures. You may need cell therapy or gene therapy that is suitable for your situation. When you contact the regenerative medicine center to get details, you should ask about the best treatment. It is also crucial that you ask if they are doing the treatment of this disease. If a specific type of treatment is not available in the center, you may have to consult another clinic.

Chances of side effects

Most regenerative medicine procedures do not cause side effects. It is crucial to ask if your case has some aspects that can lead to side effects. It is better to ask for the percentage of chances of side effects. A high chance of the side effects is not a good indication.