Tips On How To Find The Best Dog Daycare In Los Angeles

Finding the right dog daycare center can be quite tricky, especially if you live in a populous and extremely busy city like Los Angeles. However, learning the tips on how to go about this daunting process can save you from experiencing frustrations associated with taking your furry lifetime companion to the wrong dog daycare.

So if you are looking for bulletproof tips on how to find the best dog daycare in Los Angeles, please read on as I got you covered through this article.

3 tips on how to find the best dog daycare in Los Angeles

#1. Conduct extensive research on the available dog daycares while making a list

Start by conducting extensive research on the available dog daycares. You can research online or ask your friends or relatives if they know of any reputable daycares. During your research, make sure that you make a list of the dog daycare centers that you feel may suit you and your dog’s needs

#2. Choose at least 3 of the best dog daycare centers and physically tour them

Choose at least 3 of the best dog daycare facilities from your list and physically tour them. By doing so, you will be able to ask more questions that were impossible to ask during your research. You will also be able to determine whether the resources available in the facility meet the set standards of a good dog daycare facility. During your visit, make sure that you check and confirm that the dog daycare has the following things;

• Distinct areas specifically designated for eating, playing, and resting

• Ideal walking and playing surfaces for dogs. Make sure that the floors aren’t rough and slippery

• Enough and accommodating staff members

• Professionally installed fences and gates

• A proper ventilation system

During the visit, please ensure that you ask the dog daycare management the following questions;

• Do they allow a temperament test?

• Are all the dogs in the daycare vaccinated up to date?

• Do they have well laid out emergency medical care guidelines for the dogs?

#3. Get to know what other services your preferred dog daycare facility offers

Reputable dog daycare facilities offer more services than just a dog sitting service. So, make sure that you choose a facility that provides you with a range of essential services that will suit both you and your dog’s needs. Experts recommend that you take your doggy to a daycare facility that provides the following services;

• Dog walking services-if you work for long hours that leaves you with no time to walk your doggy, then consider taking your dog to a facility that provides walking services

• Safe doggy pickup and drop-off services. Choosing a facility that provides you with this service isn’t only cost-effective but also time-saving

• Grooming services-consider choosing a dog daycare that offers quality dog grooming services

• Dog training services-it would be best if you chose a facility that trains your dog in basic obedience commands

Key takeaway

When searching for the best dog daycare in LA, always conduct extensive research, physically tour your preferred dog daycare facilities, and ensure that the facility offers pickup and drop-off services, dog training services, and the best dog grooming in Los Angeles.